The Foundation binds itself to remember Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and to keep alive the spirit that inspired his life and his works. It will be initiated forthwith through specific projects.

  • Archives: his writings, his interventions and what has been written on Martini will be collected and catalogued in order to have an ever more complete bibliography which will be available for consultation through the website of the Foundation or directly in its Library.
  • Opera Omnia: the publication of the Opera Omnia of father Martini is due to an agreement with the publisher Bompiani and wants to promote the thought and the works of the Cardinal through an organic arrangement of his speeches. The first volume is dedicated to the “Cattedre dei non credenti” personally planned and guided by the Cardinal between 1987 and 2002.
  • Scolarships: will be offered to young students in order to deepen their studies on the Sacred Scripture.
  • Two voices dialogues: in order to promote the dialogue between the Christian (not solely Catholic) and the Jewish faith. This is made up of cycles of meetings on Biblical texts offering on one hand a Christian reading and on the other a Jewish reading.

    Two voices dialogues 2013-2014:  Osea, il profeta dell'amore tormentato
  • Meetings and conferences: to remember and to promote the knowledge of his life and his works.

    The setting up of the Carlo Maria Martini Foundation

    "Martini Biblical scholar" and "Martini bishop"

  • Events and Witnesses: The Foundation commits itself to document through the Internet site the events, both in Italy and abroad, regarding Cardinal Martini. The Foundation wants as well to offer a voice to personal witnesses both of those of  who has known him, or, anyway, of those for whom he became a role model and a fundamental point of reference. Please give your personal contribution, reporting to the Secretary events or sending her your witness.